Hair Extension Aftercare

The less stress put on the hair extension, the better! This will make your extensions last longer.

We recommend using a clarifying shampoo when wearing hair extensions as this is a deep cleansing shampoo that will remove the bonding deposit left on your natural hair, styling products, oil and sebum.

A rinse out reconstructive conditioner should also be used on the extension hair, but not applied near the bonds as this can weaken them. It is important to use a reconstructive conditioner as extension hair doesn’t get the same nutrients and vitamins that your own hair would get.

Your extensions should be brushed daily, using a loop brush (as this type of brush will not damage the hair).

You should use a daily conditioning spray to help rid your extensions of tangles.

You should not wash your hair for at least 48 hours after extension application.

When you do wash your hair, you should not tip your hair forwards but tilt your head back under the showerhead. When applying shampoo it should be patted and squeezed onto the hair and not scrubbed or rubbed in. Conditioner should only be applied to the hair lengths and never the roots or this will weaken the bonds.

You should avoid rubbing or twisting the hair as this can cause tangling.

When drying you should pat dry your hair after washing, and at this point use a leave-in conditioning spray.

Try to let your hair dry naturally where possible, or if needed use a hairdryer on a low heat. You should avoid excessive heat being applied to the root area near the bonds.

Your hair may be straightened and styled as normal hair would be.

NEVER let the hair dry bundled/piled on top of your head.

It is very common to lose strands of hair when brushing and can be normal to lose 10-25 extensions during the 3 months of wear.

Sleep with your hair in a loose plait to avoid tangling.

Remi hair extensions can be cut, coloured, styled as normal hair would be but you should never put any hot appliance over the actual bonds as this will melt or weaken them.

You must attend a maintenance appointment every 4 weeks to keep your extensions in optimum condition. Hair extensions do not behave like natural hair, therefore these appointments are vital.

If you need to colour your hair whilst wearing hair extensions, simply colour the parting and the hairline, never allowing the chemical to come into contact with the bonds.

Do not use sauna or steam rooms. Sunbeds may be used but you should cover the hair with a towel.

Hair should only be washed 2 times per week, use dry shampoo on the roots in between.

It is normal to feel somewhat uncomfortable for 24-48 hours after application while the scalp adjusts.