Spray Tanning


A spray tan is the quickest way to get a perfect, safe sunkissed glow all year round!
Our high powered Spray Tan Booth is only available at our March Salon.

You can opt for a light to medium glow, medium to dark tan or a bronzed goddess dark tan.
You will be provided with sticky feet and disposable underwear to wear during your tan, our therapists will apply a little moisturiser to any particularly dry areas before your treatment.

Pre & After Tan

  • We recommend that you exfoliate and dead or dry skin, and more importantly any old residual tan for optimum results.
  • Do not moisturise the day of your tan as this can act as a barrier to prevent the tan from developing properly.
  • You will be given wipes to remove any deodorant or makeup before your treatment.
  • Wear or bring loose clothing to wear after your tan, and consider the footwear-for example, knee-high boots or very tight shoes will rub against a freshly applied tan.

Your tan will need to be able to develop and settle for at least 6 hours after your appointment so you should avoid showering or excessive sweating during this time, consider getting some antibacterial hand wipes as washing your hands during this time is likely to cause streaking in your tan.

If you are having a Spray Tan just before going on holiday, remember that both chlorine, saltwater and sand will act as a natural exfoliant so your tan may not last quite as long as normal under these conditions.