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UV Gel Nails & Extensions








UV Gel is a healthy alternative to acrylic nails and is much, much less damaging to the natural nail.


UV Gel is either applied as an overlay onto the natural nail, smoothing out any imperfections, aiding growth and leaving a smooth and glossy finish. It is applied with one thin layer at a time, and cured using our UV/LED Lamps, with each coat curing in just a matter of seconds.


Nail extensions can be gently applied onto your natural nails, should you require instant length, with the UV Gel applied over the top to strengthen them.


You can select from our huge choice of colours.  We can create anything from a barely there nude nail to French tips, to neon or red or glitter and metallic finishes.  If you have something in mind, simply ask us!















Our experienced staff, at all of our Salons, are waiting to pamper you today!

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