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What is Threading?

Threading has been a common technique for hair removal in Asia and the Far East for centuries.  It has now become extremely popular in the West, and is mainly used on Facial areas.


Threading is a precise technique which results in perfectly shaped eyebrows and completely smooth, hair free skin.


How does Threading work?

Professional anti-bacterial cotton thread is twisted to create a trap which is then rolled along the skin, entwining the hair and forcing it out by the root. The back and forth rapid movement of the thread removes the hair efficiently – Threading is so precise that even a single hair can be removed!


How often will I need to have Threading done?

Results generally last longer than waxing, so around every 4 weeks. Certain factors may effect how long in between treatments, such as if a client is taking hormone tablets as the hair will grow at a much quicker rate, or if  a client is using steroid cream as the hair can be quite brittle in that particular area.


What are the advantages to Threading as opposed to Waxing?


   • Inexpensive compared to other hair removal methods

   • Time effective as it can be such a quick procedure

   • Results last up to 4 weeks

   • Suitable for all skin types as no substances used

   • Less painful than tweezing

   • Threading encourages hair to grow back much finer

   • It is an anti-ageing treatment as the skin is not stretched and ‘loosened’ like it is with waxing




Threading Treatment List




Upper Lip


Full Face