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Pros and Cons


Pros and Cons of Laser versus Non-laser (e-raze rejuvi system)




• Laser removal is not effective on all colours whereas non-laser works equally on all colours

• Laser removal can often be more expensive

• Non-laser removal is usually less painful

• The rejuvi solution actually pulls the pigment up and out of the skin, laser removal will leave carbon and ink pigments in the lympth nodes

• The e-raze system will not scar if aftercare is followed correctly

• You may re-tattoo over a treated area again with our non-laser system

• As an approximate guide, 1 treatment of e-raze is equivalent to around 6 sessions of laser treatment.




Radiotherapy scars


For clients that have been through radiotherapy and wish to remove the scars left to the treated area we can usually remove these within 1 to 2 quick treatments, please enquire for details.