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"Sometimes, we all deserve a little pampering! "



Lash Extensions








Evolution Lash Extensions will make you wakeup every day with enchanting eyes and saving the time and hassle of having to use mascara!


Eyes are the windows to the soul, and one of every woman's most important features.


Lash extensions are so effective that you may feel you don't even want to wear other eye make up!


We can create various different looks, and have different lengths, thicknesses, shapes and even coloured lashes to choose from.


You may want to go for a very dramatic look with lush, long dark lashes, a more subtle look with lashes just slightly longer than your own, or we can even add coloured lashes which, when viewed from your side profile, catch the light and give a stunning flash of colour!


We also can offer ‘Mink’ lash extensions that weigh much less than standard lash extensions, so therefore put less stress on your own lashes, but still can be used to give a long and fluttery look.


A full set of Lash Extensions takes approximately 1 and 1/2 hours to apply, with Infills recommended every 2 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and lush, with Infills taking approx. 45 mins to an hour.


We would suggest that you do not use mascara on your new lashes, which will help to keep them looking like new for longer, to only use oil-free eye make-up remover and not to rub your eyes, or pick and pull at your new stunning eye lashes!




Lash Extensions Treatments...


Silk Lashes

Get the look of perfectly mascara’d lashes, but with the addition of extra length too!


Mink Lashes

Also known as Russian/Volume Lashes; enjoy the breathtaking look of either a half or a full set, with Lash Mapping included as standard.


Express Lashes

Quick and convenient for when you want a gorgeous, defined look for a special occasion. Available in different lengths and designed to last just a few days