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"Sometimes, we all deserve a little pampering! "



Hollywood Teeth Whitening






Using only the highest quality products and Laser light. Safe and effective, achieve a more dazzling and noticeable smile!


Not all laser teeth whitening systems are the same! Our production team has tested every form of teeth whitening treatment to offer you the most advanced system. This exclusive Hollywood Whitening technique is designed to suit your teeth as an individual in detailed specification, from enamel type to the structure of your teeth and gums. The 1 hour treatment consists of 3 applications of Hollywood Whitening™ gels being applied to your teeth at every 15-20mins intervals, this is the only clinically proven system to produce maximum shiny results instead of a chalky white.


It is important to note that this is a strictly cosmetic procedure that many clients have enjoyed, and that has produced fantastic results.


Prior to treatment a full consultation will be carried out, including suitability for treatment, expectations, aftercare and precisely matching the colour of teeth before and after treatment-in fact, three areas are taken into consideration whilst using our teeth colour chart. This is then shown to the client so that you are able to see the improvement gained after your session.

For severely stained teeth you may require more than one session to achieve the best results.