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Why can't I have hair extensions if I have excessively greasy hair?

The oils contained in excessively greasy hair can cause the micro rings to slip down and slide off the hair.  However there are now more products on the market which can accommodate this type of hair, such as micro fusion bonds.



Why can't I have hair extensions if I am a cancer patient?

Unfortunately the drugs and treatment which cancer patients receive can cause hair loss; by applying hair extensions this process can be speeded up.



Why can't I have hair extensions if I have breakage in the first 4 cm of my hair?

Your hair would most likely not be strong enough to hold the extensions.  This most likely would cause the hair to fall out completely.



Why can't I have hair extensions if I have alopecia, eczema or psoriasis on my scalp?

Applying hair extensions my harm the condition and aggravate the scalp further.



Why can't I have hair extensions if I am pregnant or have given birth in the last 6 months?

Unfortunately pregnancy can increase the thinning of natural hair. Hair extensions could make the situation worse.



How long does my natural hair have to be?

Your natural hair must be a minimum of 6.5 cm at the nape of the neck, and 14-16cm on the top of the head. Your hair should be long enough to tie in a pony tail.



What should I do prior to my appointment?

Your hair must be clean before your appointment. You should wash using shampoo only, NO CONDITIONER, and preferably use an extension shampoo/low pH shampoo.



Your hair must be completely dry prior to application.

If you colour your hair, this must be done 7 days prior to hair extension application to allow the natural hair to settle.



Can I colour/highlight my hair whilst wearing extensions?

You can colour your hair but care must be taken to avoid getting any of the chemical on or near the bonds as this can damage them. Just have the colour applied to the T-Section of the head.






·      Alopecia


·      Excessive thinning


·      Eczema (on the head)


·      Psoriasis (on the head)


·      Pregnancy or within 6 months of pregnancy


·      Head lice or eggs


·      Breakage on the first 4cm of hair


·      Excessive greasy hair (not suitable for micro rings)


·      Cancer patients (this can be done but it must be 9 months after last course of treatment)


Please note that if we are in anyway uncertain about the suitability of  a client's hair we will carry out a strand test and schedule a follow up appointment a few days later.




You should avoid washing your hair for 48 hours after hair extension application to avoid the risk of weakened or softened bonds.  This is to allow the bonds to properly set.


When you do wash your hair, it should be with your head tilted back under the shower head. When applying shampoo it should always be applied to the hair and smoothed down, allowing the water to rinse it off.  It should never be rubbed.  Again, for the same reasons for waiting for 48 hours before washing your hair, no conditioner should ever be used on the bonds.


You should only use extension shampoo and conditioner, never high street brands.


You should avoid rubbing or twisting hair, as this could cause tangling. When drying your hair, you should pat it dry with a clean dry towel (use a spray leave in conditioner at this point).


Never bundle your hair on the top of your head and let it dry that way, this will cause matting and tangling.


The best way to dry hair extensions is naturally.




You should only ever use a loop brush or a tangle teaser brush as this will not cause any damage to the extension hair.


It is very common to lose strands of hair when brushing and you can expect to lose between 10-25 extensions during 3 months of wear-if anymore than this is lost then proper aftercare has not been followed.


Your human hair extensions can be styled, straightened or cut as normal hair can but you should avoid any direct heat on the bonds as this will likely weaken or melt them.




It is normal for your scalp to feel quite uncomfortable for about 24-48 hours after application.  This will settle soon after.


You should tie your hair extensions in a loose plait for sleeping to minimise tangling.




You should attend a maintenance appointment about every 4 weeks to keep your extensions looking healthy.


During this appointment we will re seal any loose bonds or push up the micro rings.


We will also be able to check that proper aftercare has been followed to prolong the life of your extensions.