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"Sometimes, we all deserve a little pampering! "



Eyebrows & Eyeliner




Beautifully shaped eyebrows frame and enhance your facial features and accentuates your eyes, giving them more emphasis.


Loss or thinning eyebrow hair is caused by, but not inclusive to, over-plucking, injury, medical issues or simply the ageing process. The application of semipermanent make-up has provided a solution from the continual and frustrating use of makeup pencils and eyebrow powder.


Our specialist can create perfect Brows that will be expertly mapped on prior to treatment. We offer a variety of styles from ultra fine Hairstrokes, soft and fluffy Colourwash Brows and Ombre Brows, softer on the tops and starts of Brows with a stronger colour throughout the tail and main body of the Brow.


We also offer Colour Correction and Removal appointments too


Ideal for:


   Hair loss (alopecia, cancer)

   Uneven brows

   Short brows

   Over-plucked brows

   lack of shape and drooping brows.








Benefitting those with allergies to conventional make-up. Never smears or runs, even through watery eyes, sleep or perspiration.


Permanent eyeliner is not purely for cosmetic reasons. It’s the perfect solution for busy or sporty people, alopecia patients or those living with disabilities.


With unlimited colours available you can choose from a number of different treatments which will be discussed with you during the detailed consultation. The ultimate goal being to give you larger looking, truly emphasised eyes and thicker, gorgeous lashes.


We are able to tailor make your Eyeliner look to suit you. Opt for a subtle brown or dramatic black, even a bold and bright blue looks stunning.


We are able to offer a barely there Lash Enhancement line, ideal for those that want a hint of colour of those that have suffered hair loss for a variety of reasons.


Our Classic Eyeliner is suitable for all eye shapes, with a choice of thicknesses.


Latino Eyeliner is suitable for those who want a more dramatic, winged eyeliner look! Again, this look is tailored to suit you and will be drawn on prior to the procedure being started.


Ideal for:


   Sensitive eyes

   Poor eyesight

   Watery eyes

   Small eyes

   Laterally canted eyes

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