Ely & March, East Anglia

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"Sometimes, we all deserve a little pampering! "



Ear & Nose Piercing








We use the advanced Caflon Blu Ear Piercing System, and in fact we are even a Caflon and ABT accredited training provider too!

Both Salons carry a huge choice of Studs. We will always endeavour to ‘double pierce’ so that the Piercing is completed in one go with minimal fuss.


The system and environment are completely sterile, your ear lobes are cleansed prior to Piercing, the dots are marked on ready for you to approve, after a small

Countdown your Piercing is completed. We provide you with full aftercare advice and aftercare solution too.




Frequently asked Questions


How old do I have to be?

Our company policy is to not carry out Nose Piercing on any client under 14 years of age, or under 4 years old with Ear Piercing. Clients aged 16 or over are able to give consent for the treatment but those younger looking clients may be asked to provide ID unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.


How long until I can change my stud?

We recommend that you keep your new piercing in for 8 weeks before you remove or change it-full aftercare will be given.


Do you use a Gun or a Needle?

Its not really either actually! The piercing is carried out using a small, lightweight instrument; the Stud penetrates the skin using an even amount of pressure. This is almost a completely silent procedure too.


Does it hurt?

The general opinion is that it stings a little, and feels ‘tickly.


How long does it take?

We allow 15-20 minutes for a Nose or Ear Piercing appointment, to give you plenty of time to choose your stud, for us to carry out a full consultation with you and to explain the aftercare required-the Piercing itself takes just seconds to do!



You can book your Nose Piercing online via our website or Facebook Pages, or call one of our Salons for further information