Ely & March, East Anglia

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"Sometimes, we all deserve a little pampering! "


Body Wraps


Inch Loss Body Wraps


Both our Beauty Salons in Ely & March, Cambs offering Inch Loss Body & Cellulite reduction treatments


We are excited to launch our Instant Inch Loss Body Wraps in our relaxing and friendly Beauty Salon in the heart of Ely & March!


How does it work?

Our Inch Loss Contour Gel is massaged into the skin,

which immediately begins to work. The effects of a

wrap can be felt from the inside and seen on the

outside-it has several noticeable effects:


   It helps to relieve tension and stress

   It increases blood circulation, improving skin condition

   Improves lymphatic drainage, which encourages inch loss

   Relieves muscle tension

   Smoothes the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite


What should I expect during my treatment?

You will be taken through to our tranquil treatment room by one of our experienced therapists where a detailed client consultation will be carried out.


We will then take your ‘before’ measurements, noting them on your client record sheet.


Once you are comfortable and relaxed your therapist will exfoliate the top layer of skin and then begin applying the inch loss contour gel to your body, you will then be wrapped in a heat retaining plastic wrap, covered with a heat retaining foil blanket; you will then be given the choice of either an indian head massage, mini facial or foot massage whilst the wrap works its magic!


Your plastic wrap will then be removed, you will be moisturised thoroughly, retaining some of the contour gel which will continue working.


Your ‘after’ measurements will then be taken and recorded for you; your therapist will then give you aftercare advice and advise on any further treatments needed to achieve desired results.


How many treatments will I need to get the best results?

We initially recommend a course of 5 if you want dramatic results for a special event, such as a wedding or holiday, but you will have measured results even after just 1 session.


We recommend that you begin treatments 4 weeks before the event itself, with 2 treatments in the first week and 1 during each of the following weeks.


Who are these treatments suitable for?

The majority of clients are suitable for Inch Loss Wraps, although there are some contra-indications which would prevent us from carrying out the treatment, your therapist will go into these in depth during the consultation period.


What aftercare advice should I stick to?

   Increase water intake for the following 24 hours-this will help while the body is still getting rid of toxins

   Avoid heavy food or drinking for 24 hours-no alcohol

   Avoid stimulants such as tea and coffee

   You may feel more tired because of toxins being released during the massage

   You may need to visit the toilet more often due to lymphatic drainage being worked on!


How many inches can I expect to lose?

As mentioned earlier, to gain the full potential from Inch Loss Wrap therapy, 5 sessions are recommended; however, clients have lost from a minimum of 6 inches to a maximum of 12 during their first session!


What do I wear during the treatment?

We will provide disposable pants for you to wear; you can also wear a bikini top if it should make you feel more comfortable.


Please contact our team should you have any further questions at all, or to make a booking.